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The Alsharifa Islamic Swimsuits are not only the most stylish, beautiful, decent, mostly sold en most modest but also the best Islamic Swimwear money can buy! Because the fabric doesn’t absorb water at all, the swimsuit remains wonderfully lightweight to swim with and most importantly: it doesn’t stick to your body at all!

Below you can see a comparison between our Alsharifa Islamic Swimsuits and the burkini / burqini made by a competitor.

The LAGUNA swimsuit is a swimsuit made out of 2 pieces, the pants and the top. It is not only really beautiful but also very modest, with extra room for upper legs and arms and an extra long top. The model in the picture is very tall: 173cm! Most women have the top reach just above their knees. See the size table below for the exact sizes!

There’s a convenient hijab/hood attached to the top. Thanks to the elastic material it remains comfortably on your head, thanks to the fact that there are no zippers or buttons that can get in the way. The hijab/hood even stays in place while diving into the water or when children are pulling it (we know by experience!). The top can be easily attached to the pants with a convenient buckle, so it doesn’t float or move around during swimming.

The high-quality fabric is water-resistant, chlorine-resistant, 4-way stretchable and offers UV-protection.

Our Alsharifa swimsuits have an extra delivery time of approximately 2-5 working days.

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Gray Pink, Navy Sky Blue, Coral Brown, Plum Grape


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